Thermoforming Tools

Thermoforming Tools

High quality tools for a reliable process.

KIEFEL Packaging offers you a wide range of high quality thermoform tools. At our site in Sprang-Capelle we develop, engineer and produce premium Bosch Sprang™ thermoform tools for machines such as Illig, Gabler, Kiefel, Bellaform, OMV, TFT and Brown. We will supply you with a tool that is completely tailored to meet the specific qualities of the particular type and brand of your machine.


Our tooling is constructed for:


  • Reliability: Long-term experience and utilisation of high quality materials ensure you can count on a reliable, durable tool.
  • High output: High output is achieved by maximum cool capacity in combination with the right form air technology.
  • Material saving: The tools are constructed with a tool layout for minimum scrap. Save material by down gauging, because of an optimal material distribution.
  • Flexibility: Several quick change systems keep your change-over time as short as possible.


We have experience with the following materials:

PP, PET, PS, PE, PVC, Multi-layers, Mineral filled material and Bio material.